Kettelhut Construction, Inc. is very proud to have successfully achieved its 84th Anniversary this year and to be recognized as the largest General Contractor/Construction Manager in Lafayette and surrounding counties. During the years since 1935 the Company has set many records and has achieved many goals, but we did not set those records alone. We have had a rewarding and close relationship with the people of Central Indiana and the various crafts of the local Building Trades. The technical abilities and work ethic of those people together with our professional capabilities, building skills and management style have helped to build a company that today ranks in the top 10% of all Contracting firms in the country.


Conventional, Design/Build, Construction Management/Owner Representative, Program Management and Cost of Work Plus Fee.


Provide safe and timely projects to Owner's quality standards and satisfaction.
Utilize well-trained craftsmen experienced in planning, accident prevention and state-of-the-art technology.
Implement consistent project controls for schedule, cost and quality.


Experienced in-house staff to accomplish program goals
Single point responsibility for communication, coordination and overall management of the construction program
Flexibility in service covering a broad range of delivery systems
Knowledge of the community and local construction environment
Project control through self-performance of construction activities
Positive subcontractor relationships resulting in quick responses and improved project coordination


The 2016 Contractor Choice Award presented by Indiana Subcontractor Association